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Beer Reviews

Review Categories

Review Categories
Anglo-American Ales
has 1378 items

Belgian-Style Ales
has 489 items

Hybrids & Specialty
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Latest Beer Reviews

There are 5187 reviews in 7 categories
The latest are for:

Lost Forty Pale Ale
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 18 Feb 09:07

Shiner Cold-Brew Cof ...
 Rating : Average (2.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 18 Feb 07:29

Rockhound Crystal St ...
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 16 Feb 07:50

Haywards 5000
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 14 Feb 12:24

Introvert Session IP ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 14 Feb 07:11

 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 11 Feb 07:34

 Rating : Outstanding (4.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 09 Feb 13:52

Voodoo Ranger Imperi ...
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 09 Feb 05:40

Whizbang Hoppy Blond ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 07 Feb 07:42

Grateful White
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 04 Feb 07:21

Sleeman Original Dra ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 29 Jan 11:10

Sleeman Light
 Rating : Fine (2.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 29 Jan 08:38

Latest Beers

The latest beers for review are
Lost Forty Pale Ale
Last updated 18 Feb 07:24

Shiner Cold-Brew Cof ...
Last updated 18 Feb 05:12

Rockhound Crystal St ...
Last updated 14 Feb 12:22

Introvert Session IP ...
Last updated 14 Feb 06:46

Last updated 11 Feb 03:00

Whizbang Hoppy Blond ...
Last updated 10 Feb 03:34

Last updated 09 Feb 13:12

Voodoo Ranger Imperi ...
Last updated 07 Feb 14:11

Voodoo Ranger IPA
Last updated 07 Feb 12:53

Grateful White
Last updated 04 Feb 06:55

Sleeman Original Dra ...
Last updated 28 Jan 05:34

Sleeman Clear 2.0
Last updated 28 Jan 05:27

Top Beer Reviewers

Our Top Beer Reviewers are
Jay Theriot
with 1918 reviews

with 1470 reviews

with 527 reviews

with 367 reviews

with 342 reviews

Beer Cub
with 338 reviews

with 86 reviews

with 51 reviews

with 14 reviews

with 13 reviews

with 9 reviews

with 7 reviews
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Review Categories

Top Beers in each category
Anglo-American Ales
Firestone Walker 13 Rating: 5.0
Mikkeller 1000 IBU Rating: 5.0
Harviestoun Ola Dubh ... Rating: 5.0

Belgian-Style Ales
Westvleteren Blond Rating: 5.0
Struise Pannepot Gra ... Rating: 5.0
St. Bernardus Abt 12 ... Rating: 5.0

Hybrids & Specialty
Russian River Suppli ... Rating: 5.0
Cantillon Bruocsella ... Rating: 5.0
Bananatana Rating: 4.5

Andechser Doppelbock ... Rating: 5.0
Great Divide Wolfgan ... Rating: 5.0
Mikkeller Beer Geek ... Rating: 5.0

Founders Porter Rating: 5.0
Flossmoor Station Pu ... Rating: 4.5
Störtebeker-Choco Po ... Rating: 4.5

Saint Arnold Divine ... Rating: 5.0
Courage Russian Impe ... Rating: 5.0
Clown Shoes Blaecorn ... Rating: 5.0

McGuire’s Hefeweizen Rating: 5.0
Trader Joe's Bavaria ... Rating: 4.5
Fleur De Wheat Rating: 4.5

Most Reviewed Beers

There are 5187 reviews in 7 categories
The most reviewed beers are

Bass Pale Ale
With 7 reviews

Samuel Adams Boston ...
With 7 reviews

Sierra Nevada Pale A ...
With 7 reviews

Wychwood Hobgoblin D ...
With 7 reviews

Abita Turbodog
With 6 reviews

Asahi Super Dry
With 6 reviews

Birra Moretti
With 6 reviews

Corsendonk Christmas ...
With 6 reviews

Delirium Noël
With 6 reviews

With 6 reviews

Kronenbourg 1664
With 6 reviews

Mikkeller Beer Geek ...
With 6 reviews

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Beer Reviews

Reviews by member
Back Reviews by Ken 
Date Item Review Rating View
29 Oct 2008 Guinness Stout Appearance: Coffee-black. Little creamy beige head that stays.

Aroma / Smell: roasted malt,[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
16 Jan 2009 Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA India Pale Ale Appearance: Copper/orange with a super nice beige head and lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell: S[...]
 Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
04 Nov 2008 Tuborg (green) Appearance: White solid head but relatively short durability, golden and clear.

Aroma / Sme[...]
 Rating : Average (2.0) View
09 Nov 2008 Mors Stout Appearance: Dark brown and clear. Beige head, not lasting and almost no laces.

Aroma / Sme[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
13 Nov 2008 Flying Dog, Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale Appearance: Light amber and a little cloudy. Light beige head which stays a bit and some [...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
01 Dec 2008 Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Appearance: Black with kind of brown-ish sides. Big nougat-coloured head, disappearing ra[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
29 Dec 2008 Sierra Nevada Wheat Appearance: Hazy light Yellow. Almost no head.

Aroma / Smell: A little fruity and some whe[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
29 Dec 2008 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bottle/Can) Appearance: Light golden amber. Almost clear. Litlle white head and some laces.

Aroma / Sm[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
03 Jan 2009 Orval Belgian Ale Appearance: Hazy Light orange. Big loose head, and some laces.

Aroma / Smell: Very fruity [...]
 Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
08 Jan 2009 Chimay Rouge (Red) Appearance: Pours cloudy orange-brownish with a beige head, vanishing rather fast and no [...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
08 Jan 2009 Chimay Blanche (White) Appearance: Cloudy orange-amber. Big offwhite head, not lasting that long and some laces.[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
10 Jan 2009 Hoegaarden Appearance: Hazy faded yellow with a scary greenish glow, when seeing it towards daylight[...]  Rating : Average (2.0) View
11 Jan 2009 Chimay Bleue (Blue) Appearance: Hazy brownish with a nice big light nougat coloured head. Not lasting long bu[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
12 Jan 2009 Young's Double Chocolate Stout Appearance: Black with nice big but not lasting nougat brown head. Small laces.

Aroma / Sm[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
16 Jan 2009 Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager Appearance: Amber-Orange colour. Little airy white head that dissapers fast. Little sparkl[...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
12 May 2009 Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine Review date 06/02/2009

Appearance: Dark amber, a bit hazy, offwhite foam, but allmost non[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
12 May 2009 Westmalle Dubbel Review date 27/02/2009

Appearance: Hazy deep reddish brown. Big beige head, not lasting b[...]
 Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
21 May 2009 Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch (Weasel) Appearance: Pitch black with a super awesome thick chocolade-mousse head and very lasting[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
07 Jul 2009 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout Appearance: Pitch black with nougat brown small head. Nice laces. Thin oily-like substanc[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
08 Jul 2009 Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel Appearance: Hazy brown, nice high foam with lots of laces.

Aroma / Smell: Fruit, citrus an[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
11 Jul 2009 Schneider Aventinus Weizen Bock Appearance: Hazy muddy brown, gigantic high beige foam not lasting that long. Some laces.[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
13 Jul 2009 Mikkeller Jackie Brown Appearance: Deep clear reddish/brown. Big solid lasting foam. Lots of laces.

Aroma / Smell[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
13 Jul 2009 Gourmetbryggeriet Himmelkys Appearance: Dark clear reddish/brown. Almost no foam and no laces. no acidity.

Aroma / Sme[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
13 Jul 2009 Ølfabrikken Porter Appearance: Pitch black/brown with huge nougatcreme head. Some laces and no acidity.

 Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
15 Jul 2009 Ørbæk Nutty Appearance: Hazy brown/orange. Medium but lasting offwhite head. Nice small lasting laces[...]  Rating : Average (2.0) View
16 Jul 2009 Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel Appearance: Cloudy light brown/orange. Big creamy offwhite foam not lasting that long. Ve[...]  Rating : World Class (5.0) View
27 Jul 2009 Coopers Best Extra Stout Appearance: Black with nougat brown head well lasting and fine lacings, also lasting.

 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
03 Aug 2009 Stella Artois Lager Appearance: White solid head not lasting, laces stays. Strawyellow and clear.

Aroma / Smell[...]
 Rating : Ordinary (1.5) View
14 Aug 2009 Maredsous 10 Appearance: Hazy beautyful amber. big offwhite head and very cool laces which stays all th[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
30 Aug 2009 Flying Dog Woody Creek White Appearance: Hazy light yellow. Nice offwhite head with a little lacings. Lots of tiny bubb[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
30 Aug 2009 Samuel Adams Boston Lager Appearance: Golden Amber. Beige head fairly lasting. Lacing stays.

Aroma / Smell: Malt and[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
07 Sep 2009 Belhaven McCallums Stout (Bottle) Appearance: Deep reddish brown. Rather fast disappering brownish head. Some laces.

Aroma /[...]
 Rating : Fine (2.5) View
08 Sep 2009 Goose Island Oatmeal Stout Appearance: Almost pitch black on the deep reddish side. Nougat brown head vanishing fast [...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
15 Sep 2009 Rastiger Jasne Pelne Appearance: Clear golden yellow. Little head and little laces.

Aroma / Smell: A little Mal[...]
 Rating : Ordinary (1.5) View
15 Sep 2009 Goose Island India Pale Ale Appearance: Hazy deep yellow/orange. Great white foam, not lasting so long, but very nice [...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
18 Sep 2009 Paulaner Original Münchner Hell (Premium Lager) Appearance: Clear golden yellow. Nice white foam disappearing very fast, but some nice las[...]  Rating : Ordinary (1.5) View
19 Sep 2009 BrewDog (Danish Beerhouse) Coffee Imperial Stout Appearance: Pitch-dark (deep reddish). Little or almost no head but some laces.

Aroma / Sm[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
22 Sep 2009 Samuel Adams Honey Porter Appearance: Dark brown with a reddish hue. Beige dense head sadly not lasting long. Nice l[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
25 Sep 2009 Krenkerup Stout Appearance: Absolute pitch black. Brown firm head with lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell: Coffe[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
29 Sep 2009 Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen Amber Appearance: Clear golden yellow. Big airy head disapearing fast. Few laces.

Aroma / Smell:[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
01 Oct 2009 Ellezelloise Hercule Stout Appearance: Pitch black. Nice medium full beige head, Foam lasting for a little while. Lac[...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
05 Oct 2009 Samuel Adams Black Lager Appearance: Deep reddish brown with a beige solid foam like Guinness. Nice laces.

Aroma / S[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
06 Oct 2009 Samuel Adams Boston Ale Appearance: Bit hazy light brown. Medium beige head not lasting for long. Almost no laces.[...]  Rating : Fine (2.5) View
07 Oct 2009 Goose Island Nut Brown Ale Appearance: Clear dark brown with a reddish hue. Beige dense and small head disapearing fa[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
11 Oct 2009 Red Stripe Lager Appearance: Clear light yellow. Nice white head disapearing rather fast, and little laces.[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
15 Oct 2009 Goose Island Honkers Ale Appearance: Beautyful orange amber, a little hazy though. Medium white head not lasting lo[...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
02 Dec 2009 Corsendonk Christmas Ale Appearance: Hazy dark brown with a meduim lasting light tan head. Nice small laces.

Aroma /[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
13 Dec 2009 Ecaussinnes X-mas Blonde Appearance: Dark hazy yellow with a lot of sediments, which seems to fload around in the b[...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
13 Dec 2009 Ne Kopstoot Appearance: Very hazy dark yellow, hazy orange when brought in front of a bright light, wh[...]  Rating : Fine (2.5) View
27 Dec 2009 Val-Dieu Bière de Noël Appearance: Hazy orangeyellow. Nice lasting white foam and laces

Aroma / Smell: Sweet malty[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
28 Dec 2009 Svaneke Julebryg Appearance: Slightly hazy reddish brown. Nice dense beige foam not lasting long, but laces[...]  Rating : Fine (2.5) View
29 Dec 2009 Gouden Carolus Christmas Appearance: Mahogany. Beige/tan head not lasting long, and little laces. Sparkling noise f[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
31 Dec 2009 Delirium Noël Appearance: From a 2008 batch 33 cl. bottle. Deep amber with rather large sediments, makes[...]  Rating : Average (2.0) View
03 Jan 2010 Slaapmutske Christmas Appearance: Hazy orange brown with some sediments. Huge medium lasting beige head (little [...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
06 Jan 2010 St Feuillien Cuvée de Noël Appearance: cloudy deep amber. Beige airy foam not lasting long and some nice laces.

 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
20 Jan 2010 St. Bernardus Pater 6 Appearance: Hazy orange brown, nice beige foam and some small laces.

Aroma / Smell: Fresh [...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
24 Jan 2010 Rise Ærø Søby Stout Kong Arthur Appearance: Black with a reddish edge. nice nougatbeige foam, not lasting long and no lace[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
28 Jan 2010 Boelens Santa-Bee Appearance: Dark orange brown colour. Little beige fizzy head, fast disappearing. Few lace[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
01 Feb 2010 Val-Dieu Triple Appearance: A little cloudy golden yellow with orange gleam. Nice white foam, medium lasti[...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
02 Feb 2010 Leffe de Noël Appearance: Beautiful clear brown with a reddish glow. Big off-white foam medium lasting a[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
02 Feb 2010 Cuvée des Trolls Appearance: Cloudy pale yellow. Big white head and some laces.

Aroma / Smell: Strong malt,[...]
 Rating : Fine (2.5) View
03 Feb 2010 De Dolle Extra Export Stout Appearance: Dark black/brown. Huge nougat-brown head. Nice laces all the way.

Aroma / Smel[...]
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
04 Feb 2010 Pauwel Kwak Appearance: Just SOo beautiful clear amber (like Grand Marnier Rouge). Huge lasting beige [...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
05 Feb 2010 Royal Stout Appearance: Pitch black. Off white medium lasting foam and nice lasting laces.

Aroma / Sme[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
11 Feb 2010 Gordon Xmas Appearance: Nice dark reddish clear amber. High lively beige foam not lasting long but nic[...]  Rating : Fine (2.5) View
19 Feb 2010 Skovlyst Julebryg Appearance: Beautiful clear amber. Medium beige foam not lasting long but nice lasting lac[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
21 Feb 2010 Skagen Drachmann Appearance: Golden yellow with lots and lots of sediments floating around. Nice white foam[...]  Rating : Average (2.0) View
21 Feb 2010 Svaneke Mørk Guld Appearance: Lovely copper brown with an orange glow. Nice offwhite head and nice laces.

 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
22 Feb 2010 Engbo Strong Lager (Organic) (RETIRED) Appearance: Muddy orange with big lasting beige head and nice lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
23 Feb 2010 Satan Red Appearance: Hazy orange colour. Big Beige sparkling foam. Lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell: Ma[...]
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
26 Feb 2010 Kasteelbier Donker (Bruin - Brune) Appearance: The most beautiful clear and very deep red mahogany colour I have ever seen. H[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
01 Mar 2010 St. Bernardus Abt 12 Appearance: Hazy deep orange. Beige head not lasting that long. Nice laces and lots of flo[...]  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
05 Mar 2010 Erdinger HefeWeizen Appearance: Cloudy yellow. High white lasting foam. Also lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell: Bana[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
08 Mar 2010 Carlsberg Carls Porter (Gammel Carlsberg Porter/Im Appearance: Black with a light brown medium head. Nice lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell: Burned[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
14 Mar 2010 Struise Pannepot Reserva Appearance: Black on the brown/reddish side. Small dense light brown head, and very nice l[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
18 Mar 2010 Achel 8 Blond Appearance: Hazy golden orange. Gigantic white floffy head, lasting forever. And nice lace[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
18 Mar 2010 Tripel Karmeliet Appearance: Hazy yellow/orange. Tall white sparkling head, disappearing rather fast though[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
18 Mar 2010 La Rulles Brune Deeper review to come...  Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
08 Apr 2010 Chouffe Houblon IPA Tripel Appearance: 75cl. bottle. Hazy light orange, allmost yellow. Tall white everlasting foam. [...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
23 Jul 2010 Westvleteren 8 Trappist Appearance: Hazy dark orange brown. Thick beige lasting foam with nice laces. Some sedimen[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
31 Jul 2010 Mikkeller Drink Your Sorrows Away Appearance: Hazy Brown. Big beige head with nice lasting laces.

Aroma / Smell: Malty bread,[...]
 Rating : Average (2.0) View
08 Oct 2010 BrewDog Hardcore IPA (second edition 9.2%) Appearance: Hazy light Brown, but hold in front of a bright light it is beautyfull reddish[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
30 Mar 2011 Corfu Ionian Epos Appearance: Little hazy and light brown with an orange glove. Little beige head and laces,[...]  Rating : Fine (2.5) View
04 Apr 2011 St. Bernardus Tripel Appearance: Hazy golden yellow with a little orange glove. Huge beige head and laces, last[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
11 May 2011 Kronenbourg 1664 Appearance: Clear golden yellow. Huge white head and laces, lasting all the way.

Aroma / Sm[...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
09 Nov 2012 Fullers London Porter Appearance: Very dark ruby red almost black. Almost no head (light beige) and dissappering[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
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