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Beer Reviews

Review Categories

Review Categories
Anglo-American Ales
has 1138 items

Belgian-Style Ales
has 442 items

Hybrids & Specialty
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Latest Beer Reviews

There are 4432 reviews in 7 categories
The latest are for:

Amstel Radler
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 28 Oct 15:24

Payette Rodeo Rye Pa ...
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Hayduke Posted on 27 Oct 11:02

Morland Hen's Tooth
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Hayduke Posted on 26 Oct 19:11

Smithwick's Pale Ale
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Hayduke Posted on 26 Oct 18:55

Leinenkugel's Cranbe ...
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 26 Oct 16:02

Leinenkugel's Old Fa ...
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 26 Oct 13:57

Leinenkugel's Harves ...
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 26 Oct 09:30

Lazy Magnolia Southe ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 26 Oct 06:50

Sierra Nevada Tumble ...
 Rating : Excellent (3.7)Posted by Beer Cub Posted on 25 Oct 12:33

Southern Tier 2X Sto ...
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 25 Oct 08:48

Wild Blue Lager
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 25 Oct 06:55

French Broad 13 Rebe ...
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 23 Oct 09:01

Latest Beers

The latest beers for review are
Amstel Radler
Last updated 28 Oct 15:20

Payette Rodeo Rye Pa ...
Last updated 26 Oct 19:27

Leinenkugel's Cranbe ...
Last updated 26 Oct 10:01

Leinenkugel's Old Fa ...
Last updated 26 Oct 09:55

Leinenkugel's Harves ...
Last updated 26 Oct 08:58

Lazy Magnolia Southe ...
Last updated 26 Oct 06:15

Southern Tier 2X Sto ...
Last updated 25 Oct 07:13

Wild Blue Lager
Last updated 25 Oct 06:15

Guinness Blonde Amer ...
Last updated 23 Oct 05:30

Lander Atlantic City ...
Last updated 22 Oct 19:59

Wiley Roots Wiley Re ...
Last updated 22 Oct 16:41

Goose Island Sofie
Last updated 22 Oct 10:29

Top Beer Reviewers

Our Top Beer Reviewers are
with 1426 reviews

Jay Theriot
with 1322 reviews

with 527 reviews

with 351 reviews

with 342 reviews

Beer Cub
with 242 reviews

with 86 reviews

with 51 reviews

with 14 reviews

with 13 reviews

with 9 reviews

with 7 reviews
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Review Categories

Top Beers in each category
Anglo-American Ales
Firestone Walker 13 Rating: 5.0
Mikkeller 1000 IBU Rating: 5.0
Harviestoun Ola Dubh ... Rating: 5.0

Belgian-Style Ales
Struise Pannepot Gra ... Rating: 5.0
Sierra Nevada Ovila ... Rating: 5.0
St. Bernardus Abt 12 ... Rating: 5.0

Hybrids & Specialty
Cantillon Bruocsella ... Rating: 5.0
La Choulette Framboi ... Rating: 4.5
Jolly Pumpkin Bière ... Rating: 4.5

Mikkeller Beer Geek ... Rating: 5.0
Great Divide Wolfgan ... Rating: 5.0
Moa Noir Rating: 5.0

Founders Porter Rating: 5.0
Störtebeker-Choco Po ... Rating: 4.5
Sinebrychoff Porter Rating: 4.5

Great Divide Espress ... Rating: 5.0
Saint Arnold Bishop' ... Rating: 5.0
Alaskan Perseverance ... Rating: 5.0

McGuire’s Hefeweizen Rating: 5.0
Trader Joe's Bavaria ... Rating: 4.5
Vergina Weiss Rating: 4.5

Most Reviewed Beers

There are 4432 reviews in 7 categories
The most reviewed beers are

Bass Pale Ale
With 7 reviews

Sierra Nevada Pale A ...
With 7 reviews

Wychwood Hobgoblin D ...
With 7 reviews

Abita Turbodog
With 6 reviews

Asahi Super Dry
With 6 reviews

Birra Moretti
With 6 reviews

Corsendonk Christmas ...
With 6 reviews

With 6 reviews

Kronenbourg 1664
With 6 reviews

Orval Belgian Ale
With 6 reviews

Samuel Adams Boston ...
With 6 reviews

Sierra Nevada Torped ...
With 6 reviews

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Beer Reviews

Reviews by member
Back Reviews by Beer-Pedia 
Date Item Review Rating View
29 Nov 2009 La Trappe Isid’or Monk Isid'or was the first brewer of La Trappe. When I hear about this beer, I was expecti[...]  Rating : Very Fine (3.0) View
29 Nov 2009 Samson Černý Tmavé Výčepní First looking a deep dark Czech Beer. Foam... what foam? Very thick, disappeared in a min[...]  Rating : Fine (2.5) View
02 Jan 2010 Hoegaarden Wheat and malt mixed, unfiltered, little bit spicy (coriander) and orange bark. Yellow vau[...]  Rating : Average (2.0) View
03 Jan 2010 Hertog Jan Grande Prestige A special barley wine beer from The Netherlands. Deep red, dark purple colour. Malt smelts[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
03 Jan 2010 Vergina Red Vergina Red is classified as Special Beer.
Its ingredients are Pilsen malt, rare carameled [...]
 Rating : Excellent (3.5) View
03 Jan 2010 Vergina Weiss Vergina Weiss is a wheat, foamy beer with a hazy appearance, which comes from a special to[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
10 Jan 2010 Fischer Bière De Noël Clear light-golden amber colour. Light white foamy head, light body and low carbonated. Ar[...]  Rating : Poor (1.0) View
10 Jan 2010 Castulus Castulus is a mead style Czech beer. Dark orange, amber-purple colour. Light malty notes, [...]  Rating : Ordinary (1.5) View
11 Jan 2010 Corfu Real Ale Special A real ale, English style, fresh beer. Brewed by Corfu Microbrewery. Copper-amber color wi[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
17 Jan 2010 Belzebuth Belzebuth Pure Malt is a specialty golden ale. Its pungent taste is a result of a particul[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
18 Jan 2010 Bière Du Boucanier Dark Ale Nice deep, dark ruby brown colour with nice thick, beige head. Smells of chocolate and roa[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
26 Jan 2010 Waterloo Double 8 Dark Nice brown-amber-reddish colour with a creamy beige foam, that lasts well. Sweet, malty, r[...]  Rating : Most Excellent (4.0) View
26 Jan 2010 Deugniet Cloudy golden, orange, pale yellow colour with small white head. Aroma of malt, fruit, yea[...]  Rating : Average (2.0) View
26 Jan 2010 Bush/Scaldis de Noël Hazy amber-brown colour with floating yeast pieces. Extra carbonated with very thick foam.[...]  Rating : Outstanding (4.5) View
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