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Achel 8 Blond 
A Belgian Strong Ale brewed by Brouwerij der Trappistenabdij De Achelse Kluis Hamont-Achel, Belgium. The newest of the trappist beer family is brewed since 1998. The blonde "8" in the bottle: light cloudy golden blonde, with a sophisticated full flavor. 8%ABV. 
Reviewed by Ken
Review date 18/03/2010
Review Appearance: Hazy golden orange. Gigantic white floffy head, lasting forever. And nice laces all the way.

Aroma / Smell: Yeast, malt and fresh citrus fruits.

Taste: Dry malt and a little hoppy bitterness. Dry, but fresh light fruits. Some citrus flavor and rather spicy.

Mouthfeel: Medium to full body. Dry with some bitterness. Very solid.

Overall: Very enjoyable. Good to your eye and mounth. Makes you want one more!.
Rating  Rating : Excellent (3.7)

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