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Sint Jozef Krieken Bier 
A Fruit Beer, Brewed by Brouwerij Sint Jozef, Opitter-Bree, Belgium. This cherry beer used to be a high-fermentation beer, and we have turned it into a low-fermentation beer. But this does not change the fact that this fruit beer is extremely tasty, and is brewed on the basis of pilsner, just like our Bosbier. Awarded the Silver Medal for Quality in 1997. 5% ABV.

Reviewed by eManu
Review date 17/03/2010
Review Pours a hazy slightly dark pink color with a light pink head. Aroma is very sweet and very candy and bubble gum cherry. Flavors is very sweet, cherry bubble gum candy suggars. Good carbonation, but way to sweet, creamy. To much of an artificial taste.
Rating  Rating : Average (2.0)

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