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Beer Reviews

Review Categories

Review Categories
Anglo-American Ales
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Belgian-Style Ales
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Hybrids & Specialty
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Latest Beer Reviews

There are 4640 reviews in 7 categories
The latest are for:

Mikkeller Keeper
 Rating : Excellent (3.5)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 03 Mar 10:11

Leinenkugel's Grapef ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 03 Mar 06:25

Mikkeller Wit Fit
 Rating : Poor (1.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 01 Mar 09:08

Chimay Dorée
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 26 Feb 10:06

Urthel (De Leyerth) ...
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.3)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 24 Feb 16:11

Brugse Zot
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 24 Feb 12:53

Wolters Pilsener Pre ...
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 22 Feb 14:43

Shipyard Black IPA
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 22 Feb 07:32

Zea Category 5 Ameri ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 21 Feb 10:18

Red Brick Old Stock ...
 Rating : Most Excellent (4.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 21 Feb 05:19

French Broad Wee Hea ...
 Rating : Fine (2.7)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 20 Feb 15:02

French Broad Anvil P ...
 Rating : Very Fine (3.0)Posted by Jay Theriot Posted on 19 Feb 10:36

Latest Beers

The latest beers for review are
Mikkeller Keeper
Last updated 02 Mar 19:32

Leinenkugel's Grapef ...
Last updated 02 Mar 15:42

Mikkeller Wit Fit
Last updated 01 Mar 09:04

Chimay Dorée
Last updated 25 Feb 16:59

Wolters Pilsener Pre ...
Last updated 22 Feb 08:19

Shipyard Black IPA
Last updated 21 Feb 14:59

Zea Category 5 Ameri ...
Last updated 21 Feb 09:39

Zea Clearview Golden ...
Last updated 21 Feb 09:33

Red Brick Old Stock ...
Last updated 20 Feb 16:48

French Broad Anvil P ...
Last updated 19 Feb 09:13

Lagunitas Sucks
Last updated 19 Feb 06:19

Mahr's Bräu Pilsner
Last updated 17 Feb 06:03

Top Beer Reviewers

Our Top Beer Reviewers are
with 1463 reviews

Jay Theriot
with 1448 reviews

with 527 reviews

with 359 reviews

with 342 reviews

Beer Cub
with 279 reviews

with 86 reviews

with 51 reviews

with 14 reviews

with 13 reviews

with 9 reviews

with 7 reviews
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Review Categories

Top Beers in each category
Anglo-American Ales
Firestone Walker 13 Rating: 5.0
Mikkeller 1000 IBU Rating: 5.0
Harviestoun Ola Dubh ... Rating: 5.0

Belgian-Style Ales
Westvleteren Blond Rating: 5.0
Westvleteren 12 Trap ... Rating: 5.0
Abbaye des Rocs Gran ... Rating: 5.0

Hybrids & Specialty
Cantillon Bruocsella ... Rating: 5.0
Bananatana Rating: 4.5
The Bruery Sour in t ... Rating: 4.5

Great Divide Wolfgan ... Rating: 5.0
Moa Noir Rating: 5.0
Mikkeller Beer Geek ... Rating: 5.0

Founders Porter Rating: 5.0
Samuel Smith Taddy P ... Rating: 4.5
Deschutes Black Butt ... Rating: 4.5

Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Rating: 5.0
Alaskan Perseverance ... Rating: 5.0
Surly Darkness Rating: 5.0

McGuire’s Hefeweizen Rating: 5.0
Trader Joe's Bavaria ... Rating: 4.5
Vergina Weiss Rating: 4.5

Most Reviewed Beers

There are 4640 reviews in 7 categories
The most reviewed beers are

Bass Pale Ale
With 7 reviews

Samuel Adams Boston ...
With 7 reviews

Sierra Nevada Pale A ...
With 7 reviews

Wychwood Hobgoblin D ...
With 7 reviews

Abita Turbodog
With 6 reviews

Asahi Super Dry
With 6 reviews

Birra Moretti
With 6 reviews

Corsendonk Christmas ...
With 6 reviews

With 6 reviews

Kronenbourg 1664
With 6 reviews

Mikkeller Beer Geek ...
With 6 reviews

Orval Belgian Ale
With 6 reviews

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Beer Reviews Guidelines

Andy, Tuesday 24 May 2011 - 18:28:42

Submitting Beers For Review:

Any member can submit their own beers for review by clicking "Create an item for review" at the top and bottom of each Beer Reviews category.

See Beer Styles if you are trying to determine the correct category for your newly added beer.

If you are submitting your own beers for review, we have 5 simple steps for you to follow:

1 - Add a brief description of the beer ending with the ABV % if known.

2 - Add the beer website link if known in the correct blank.

3 - When adding your image for the beer, remember it can be no larger than 150 in width and remember to name your image the same name as the beer so our admins can locate it without searching.

4 - Select the correct category for your beer. If you are in doubt as to which category your beer belongs, see the "Beer Styles" link above for help.

5 - After you submit a beer, an admin will approve it as soon as possible. Then it's ready to be reviewed. It's very easy, give it a try!

If you are doing Beer Reviews on The Beer In Me, it is very important that you read the following information. You should follow these guidelines when doing beer reviews on our website. Also, if you have any questions or comments about our Beer Reviews post them Here.


The first step toward rating beer is to establishing the purpose for rating. Is it simply to decide what your favorite beers are so you can purchase the ones you like best? Are you doing it as a judge for a beer tasting? Is it a more of a hobby and you want to see how many beers you can rate? All these and more are legitimate reasons for beer rating. Most beer raters tend to take into consideration appearance, aroma (nose), palate (mouthfeel), flavor, and finally an overall impression. Sometimes that last item is called drinkability.

Beer Rating Guidelines:

Beer Glassware (click me)
First never rate a beer direct from a can or a bottle. Use a clean glass. Of course having the exact glass recommended by the brewery is ideal, but for most people that is impractical. The main thing is ensure the glass is large enough to allow for a head to form, lacing to occur, and color to be observed.

Make sure your beer is at the correct temperature. There is a tendency to drink beer too cold, though this can help disguise bad beers and is why so many cheap lagers and ales are served this way! Freezing your glass is not recommended as it freezes water out from the beer and can substantially alter its flavor.

Rating Techniques
Try to make sure the beer has a decent size head for the beer style. Ideally you should pour yourself a full serve so you can observe the proper head. This becomes a bit harder when sampling a “brewpub sampler” in small glasses but if you ask for it you should still be able to get a good bit of foam on top of your sample. Pubs when pouring a full pint tend to leave off the head so as to give you a full glass, but when tasting a beer for a rating you will want some head so don’t be afraid to ask for it. Sometimes you can raise a head by swirling the beer in the glass.

Reviewing Beers:

We rate our beers on the following 5 categories. In your review, you should comment on each of these categories.

1 - Appearance
2 - Aroma or Nose
3 - Mouthfeel
4 - Flavor
5 - Overall

1 - Appearance
This involves looking at the beer for visual appeal, including the color, clarity, carbonation, and head size and color and longevity. As the head settles also note the extent and pattern of lacing on the glass. Basically, how tantalizing does the beer look - how much does it say “Pick me up and drink me!”

2 - Aroma or Nose
Smell the beer once after it is first poured, and then later after the head has settled and just before drinking. The very first smell is the most important as your nasal sensors will quickly saturate. Move the glass away from you and breathe normal air and then try again. Look for any unusual or bad aromas. Typically look for Hop character, malts, sweetness, fruitiness and other aromas. Swirling the glass can release some of the fainter more subtle aromas that are not evident the first time around.

3 - Mouthfeel
This may seem like a difficult one to put your finger (or your tongue) on but it will become quite apparent with practice. It is basically the “feel” of the beer inside your mouth and (unlike wine tasting!) how it feels as you swallow it. Evaluate how the beer feels around the front of your mouth, the back of the mouth and as you swallow it. Is it velvety smooth or harsh, mouth filling like a stout or is it thin bodied like a watery lager? Is it sticky or cloying like a over sweet soft drink or does it strip your mouth out like vinegar? Is it balanced, or one-dimensional? Usually concentrate on the body or fullness of the beer and any other special feature of how it feels in the mouth.

4 - Flavor
This is how the beer tastes and while it often mirrors the nose, can be different as not all flavors produce odors. As in the nose, see how many different tastes and flavors you can identify. How does the initial flavor vary from the start, the middle, and at the finish and aftertaste of the beer? Here you can describe the intensity of the bitterness, sweetness and sourness of the beer.

5 - Overall
This can be a way of balancing up other features about the beer or anything else you like or dislike about it. You might be a cost conscious beer drinker and include price. You might be crazy about the label art. But mostly this is about the beer itself. If it were a blind tasting it would only be about the beer. How likely are you going to want to buy this beer again? When you finished the beer, how did you feel about it? Some raters rate a beer according to its type, so award high scores to the best IPA, the best Porter, etc. ranking each within type. Others rate according to their personal likes and dislikes, so if they don’t like strong dark beers they might generally rate German Pilsners higher than Imperial Stouts. This is a personal thing, and the only thing important would be consistency by the rater.

Again, you should comment on the 5 categories listed above in your review. You should then give it a 0-5 score, which is described below.

5 Star Rating System:

We use a 0 to 5 Star Rating System. 0 is the lowest possible score and 5 is the highest possible score. Remember that ½ ratings can also be used. Example: 4 ½ stars. (See example reviews below)

A beer with a 0 star rating would be the worst you've ever had, a 5 star beer would be the best you've ever had.

Avoid = 0 stars
Bad = 1/2 Stars
Poor = 1 Stars
Ordinary = 1 1/2 Stars
Average = 2 Stars
Fine = 2 1/2 Stars
Very Fine = 3 Stars
Excellent = 3 1/2 Stars
Most Excellent = 4 Stars
Outstanding = 4 1/2 Stars
World Class = 5 Stars

For more on our Rating System, see page 2

Here is an example of a beer review:

After prying off the wax seal, which was a bit of a pain, this 22 oz bottle opened with a satisfying hiss, and poured a jet black into the glass. Some beers are dark, this one was like a black hole. The head was large and creamy, and very long lasting, in fact so long I got impatient waiting for it to settle so I could check the lacing. But what appeared at the top of the glass looked good. The nose on this one is mostly of coffee and chocolate, with distinct hints of the bourbon oak barrels this sat in. The palate was simply divine, being rich and creamy. Flavors are dominated by the coffee and the alcohol is hidden very well. The finish is dry and bitter. A simply exceptional beer. I drank this at about 45 degrees, and think had it been ten degrees warmer it might have been even better. Score of four and a half stars.

Additional Information:

Our side menus are dedicated to our "Beer Reviews". Here you will find our Review Categories, Latest Beer Reviews, The Latest Beers For Review, Our Top Beer Reviewers, Top Beers In Each Category, and Most Reviewed Beers.

Also, please try to rate your beers as you drink them. We do not want reviews that are done by memory from months or years ago. We also do not want reviews that say something like: "This beer was really good" or "I had this one in a bar and liked it". We want each review to be as accurate as possible and a review you've done recently. If someone continues to post reviews that don't follow our criteria, they could be deleted. If you want good examples, look at some of the top reviewers on our website and follow their examples.

Remember, please be honest when doing your reviews. Just because a beer has a high rating on our website or other beer websites doesn't mean you have to rate it high. If you think a beer is good, rate it high. If it's bad, rate it low. You be the judge!

And one more thing... Have fun!

image by eManu

For more on our Rating System, see page 2

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